Jaguar Mammals Bird Safari
2nd /14th August 2018

Day 1. Depart UK.
Day 2. Arrive Sao Paulo connect flight to Cuiba connect to Alta Floresta City to Cristalino Lodge.
Days 3/5 at Cristalino Lodge.
Day 6. Flight from Alta Floresta to Cuiaba staying at Transpantaneira.
Day 7. Transfer to Porto Jofre Lodge.
Days 8/11 Porte Jofre Lodge.
Days 8/11 will be spent in boats looking for Jaguars and other mammals and birds to be found along the river.
Day 12. Back to Cuiaba connect to flight home.
Day 13. Arrive UK.
The Pantanal of South America one of the most pristine and biologically rich environment in the world. Because of this the ecosystem has one of the world’s greatest concentration of wildlife, fauna and flora. The Pantanal has over 400 species of birds alone, including the endangered Hyacinth Macaws, Toucans, Herons, Storks, Kingfishers, and birds of prey including the Harpy Eagle. Mammals include Jaguar, Ocelot, Anteaters, Capybara, Tapir, Cayman, Fox, Howler Monkeys, and Giant River Otters to name a few.

Price to come soon, anyone interested please contact me.


DestinationTour NameStart DateEnd DateGroup SizePlaces Available
PantanalJaguar Mammals Bird Safari02/08/201814/08/201884

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