Wild to the Wall.

A unique opportunity to combine, in a single weekend, the chance to photograph some of England’s best wildlife in the company of two leading wildlife photographers and follow this through with a series of workshops using Photoshop to produce quality prints that would adorn any wall or exhibition in the capable hands of two of the foremost exponents of Digital Imaging.
Already recognised as a renowned provider of photographic holidays, Peter Jones ARPS DPAGB will be leading the weekends on a range of subjects in British Natural History and Landscape photography. These will be complemented throughout with matching sessions on digital imaging and printing with the expertise of Dr. Philip Lawson FRPS who will guide you through the use of Photoshop.
The emphasis at all times will be upon excellence. Any images you capture digitally during the photographic sessions will be projected and critiqued as well as selected images being used as part of the tutorial process leading up to the final print.

Course Outline

Friday   (Rooms available for check-in from 3pm) 5.30 pm Welcome and  Dinner followed by Introductory lecture covering (as required):
Film choices: Speed, Colour and Grain
Digital choices: Pixels and how they make up a digital file
Methods of shooting digital images (RAW, JPEG and other file formats)
Relationship between file size and resolution
Understanding your camera and its functions
Shutter speeds, apertures and ISO numbers – Exposure, Understanding Histograms
Wildlife photography techniques, Composition & use of different types of lenses
Depth of field and hyper-focal distance

Saturday   Early Breakfast. All morning (weather permitting) photographing wildlife and landscapes. Lunch
Afternoon Session 1:  Critique of digital images taken that morning and selection for post production. Afternoon coffee/tea Afternoon Session 2:
Introduction to post production using Photoshop (CS or Elements)
The digital work flow
Importing images, Raw processing (Getting the best possible quality into the computer)
Cropping and rectilinear correction
Levels, Curves & Colour correction
Burning and Dodging (improving the image)
Sharpening for printing
Saving files in various formats

Dinner & Evening Session: Printing Considerations (Producing perfect inkjet prints suitable for framing and hanging is the goal):
Inkjet printers explained; Paper Choices and Profiling; Picture sizing

Sunday Early Breakfast. Option 1: Early morning photography Option 2: Photoshop workshop/discussion with question and answer session and the opportunity to process and print an image from the previous day’s work. Lunch and depart.

Dates to be announced soon.

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